The core of our enterprise are translation, writing and proofreading. We offer trustworthy translation services with best quality and affordably prices in mind. We have a very wide expertise and knowledge in many subjects.


Every single piece of translation work is very individual and if you don’t find a suitable service listed here, please feel free to let us know. We will surely find a way to help you with our trusted partners. Get in touch with us to get the best offer!


We provide translation services from Estonian into foreign languages and vice versa. If you decide to send out a price request, please also indicate which is the target language, alongside with the subject area - economic text, juridical text, user manual, fiction, website, etc. Our translators have a vast experience in translating different types of texts and will gladly help you out.

Text Creation

You have a long text but only need a summary of its contents? We'll do it for you. We provide summary writingin both English and Estonian. You have good ideas and keywords, but are you having trouble writing a longer text? No problem! Send us your keywords, flying ideas and other information and we'll get them written down. We write texts forweb pages, product descriptions, promotions and other. We write content summaries of scientific articles, content marketing topics, product descriptions, and many more.


We edit texts in Estonian and any other languages. Editing is a very important part of text production. The editor corrects grammar, typing, style and formatting in the text and much more to make the text smooth, consistent, and understandable.

NB! Editing and translation are already included in the translation price.


If you have a video in Estonian or English that requires subtitles, then we are here to help. We have a long history in subtitling reality TV-shows, documentaries, feature films, cartoons and commercials.

Other Services

Didn't find a suitable service? We will find the language pair that suits you with the help of our partners.

Translation and Text Writing

We provide translation services from Estonian into foreign languages and vice versa. Vertaler is pleased to provide our clients with reliable, high quality translation and text production.


Quality control process

For each project, regardless of the size of the project, we take the responsibility to ensure the best quality for our client. Your commissioned work will always be subject to additional review to prevent possible errors.

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