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Translation and Design Services

OÜ Vertaler is a translation, web and graphic design agency offering modern and high quality solutions. We offer translation services in Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian and other languages. We help you design logos, brochures, business cards, build websites, and more. Ask for a quote here:

Services of Vertaler

Professional service and quick response to your inquiry!

Send us an inquiry and we will get the best deal for you as soon as possible. Please be assured that we will respond within one business day at the latest.


Translation and Editing

Translation of various texts from Estonian into a foreign language and vice versa.

Graphic Design

Need a logo for your company, product or new brand? No problem - we can get you situated.

Text Creation

You have a long text but only need a summary of its contents? We'll be glad to help and do it for you!

Web Design

A website is one of the best ways to make yourself visible on the web and be visible on...

Other Services

Didn't find a suitable service? Write to us and we will find a solution for your problem.

We guarantee customer satisfaction

Our main motivator is customer satisfaction. We are always looking for the answer to the question: What does the customer need from us? Want to create a website, translate a financial report, check the spelling of your new short story, and design it? No problem. We always consider the wishes of different clients. Our job is to find the best solution to achieve the desired result. We are always there for our clients.

Trusted Partner

We always follow the customer's wishes and needs. We guarantee that we will find the right solution for you.

Quick reply to your request

We will respond to inquiries at the earliest opportunity and within one business day at the latest. Many service providers also allow fast service, but we believe that quality is always more important than quantity. After all, the Estonian proverb says: "Measure nine times, cut once."


We understand that confidentiality is an absolute priority for all our customers, and it is our responsibility to use your information only for the purpose we are entrusted with.

Quality Control

Each project goes through several different procedures before the final outcome reaches the customer - our goal is to provide the best quality service.

Competitive Price

Undoubtedly, the cost of the service is an important component in choosing a service provider. Rest assured that we guarantee a reasonable and competitive quote.

You are important to us!

Our greatest value is satisfied customers. All members of our team and carefully selected partners make the most of each project to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Quality control process

For each project, regardless of the size of the project, we take the responsibility to ensure the best quality for our client. Your commissioned work will always be subject to additional review to prevent possible errors.

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